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Dual band 2m 70cm slim jim antenna plans

the antenna is easy and can be done anywhere that the antenna can be hung from one end. 2 Dual-Band Slim-Jim I ordered a Slim-Jim with 16 ft RG58A/U cable, terminated with a male SMA con-nector that attaches directly to my Yaesu FT-70D handheld transceiver. Figure 1 il-lustrates the N9TAX development and final design configuration.

524 Posts. #3 · Sep 7, 2011. Only show this user. I know attic antennas are very common, mainly among the HOA-laden hams, but your reasons are pretty good to for going that route. If the attic is large enough, it's definitely doable, and often performance can be very good with the right antenna and cabling.

SLIM JIM Antenna. Working through satellites is a field in HAM radio, which has given a new dimension to the HAMs interested in working with I had a dual band handy YEASU FT-60R (vhf/uhf), max power 5 watt. We zeroed down on the slim jim antenna for the rig. The material for the same.

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The Slim Jim built with ladder line is light, portable, cheap and quick to make, what's not to like? You are watching me set up a Slim Jim 2 Meter ham radio antenna a friend of mine made. The original Ed Fong Dual Band VHF/UHF 70cm/2m J-Pole PVC Pipe Antenna : Eye-On-Stuff Please consider. The antenna was long which is normal "out of the package" without any tuning Super J-Pole Antenna (Collinear Design) - By KB0YKI 2M, 220, 440, 6M J-Poles Antennas — Dimensions, matching, everything — from Bux CommCo — Be sure to read importance of a decoupling loop 40 posts in this topic org/tis/tismenu 3 pF Optimize design for LQ.

Building a 2m Slim Jim Antenna. Started by gil, May 09, 2012, 03:41:07 PM. While this can be an advantage, and I plan on getting one, my go-to antenna needs to be omnidirectional. I painted the antenna sort of a flat olive-drab color for stealth. I can easily hoist it up a tree and it blends in very well.

2 Meter Slim Jim Antenna Using 300 Ohm Twinlead. This design is based on the standard Slim Jim antenna. This 2 Meter 300 Ohm Slim Jim antenna is constructed from regular 300 ohm twinlead. (The same type used for TV antenna installations.) It is very easy to build and does not take days to construct. The measurements above are not extremly.

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